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To Florida, and Beyond!!!

Florida 12-24 July 2018

The TakeTime watch accompanied us to Florida, a family holiday very much in keeping with Matthew's inspirational outlook - it was all about spending quality time together. We spotted alligators in the Everglades, collected shells on Gulf Coast beaches and caught Cirque du Soleil performing 'Crystal' on ice.

The big highlight of the holiday was a trip to Cape Canaveral where we visited the superb Sands Space History Center and the immense Kennedy Space Center where the SpaceX Falcon 9 was being prepared for liftoff on Launch Complex 40.

On 19 July we were privileged to meed astronaut Jack Lousma over lunch at Cape Canaveral. He joined NASA in 1966 and served as a member of the astronaut support crews for the Apollo 9, 10, and 13 missions. He was the pilot for Skylab-3 and spacecraft commander on Shuttle mission STS-3, totalling 67.5 days in space. He completed two spacewalks, with 11 hours floating outside the Skylab space station. He was engaging and amusing, and generous with his time.

We're all looking forward to hearing about the future adventures of this fabulous watch, it has been an honour to have it with us.

Matthew, Alison, Heather and Laura x

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