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Thank You.

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As with any project, it takes help from various people.

CS Bedfords,

Firstly, to CS Bedfords of Ruislip who donated the Seiko.

Often with watch buying, it becomes a race to the bottom, finding the cheapest price from some faceless internet company.

I think sometimes the value of a face to face deal, where relationships are built over time gets forgotten. I urge anyone who is looking for a new timepiece to get in touch with them. They are a family run business that value the customer over the sale.

Eddie Platts,

As the owner of TZ-UK, Eddie is responsible for one of the largest, and most impressive online watch forums in the world. This project was first posted about on TZ, with his kind permission. The support it's received has been amazing. I have been a member there for several years and find it a wonderful place to spend time. It also ensures that I never have any spare money!


Obviously, with out everyone's help, this would fall flat on it's face, so a massive thanks to all involved!


The word inspiration is one that is overused these days. 

I am not inspired by football players. Or rock stars. Or those stupid inspirational meme's on Face Book. I'm inspired by Matthew. I'm inspired by a young man that was handed the shitty end of a particular nasty stick yet still found the time to smile and to think of others. I'd loved to have gotten to know him better but alas, that was not to be. However, I hope that in life, he released what a positive force he was. I pray that in passing, he can look down and see how that has benefited so many people. Rest in Peace dear Sir.

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