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Evanston Almighty.

I think I was scrolling through forums and threads looking for information on Seikos and I saw a post from you (probably on and as I read through it I thought about how many things there are that are so much more important than acquiring the latest watch or arguing the finer points of different models. Your health, your friends and family, and their health are all very important, and your post really helped crystallize that for me at that moment. I liked the thought of what you were doing, and doing it with a watch (while not living and breathing, is at least moving, and modulating) that would get passed on from person to person and place to place would really bring that home. Thanks for letting me be a part of your project. After receiving the watch, he (she?) and I:

  1. Put the watch on the leather NATO (my favorite of the straps) and strolled/walked/drove around Evanston doing various things, including celebrating Mother's Day

  2. Used it (and the bezel showing elapsed time) to time the four quarters of my son's soccer game

  3. Took it on a Metra (commuter rail) train to downtown Chicago for a meeting - on the way there also took a pic of it in front of the Chicago Stock Exchange building and Willis (Sears) Tower

  4. Took it downtown Chicago again and caught a picture over the Kennedy Expressway (major thoroughfare that cuts through Chicago)

  5. Took a vanity shot of the Seiko in my collection box with other Seikos

  6. Took it on the El (passenger rail) train to a Cubs game at Wrigley Field. They lost to the Indians but great weather. Had it on the Perlon which wasn't quite as comfortable but looked sharp.

  7. Then took it to some 'Evanston' things - the Grosse Point Lighthouse, Lake Michigan, and the Baha'i House of Worship (which is actually in Wilmette).

Good Luck with it,


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